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A USDM only production engine, the K20A3 and similar cylinder head configurations were developed for a performance, yet economical mindset. Although VTEC, it is only featured on the intake camshaft. The K20A3 is found in the 01-03 Civic Si while the K24A1 is in the 01-03 CR-V. The K24A4 is the most popular of them all due to the fact that was used to service the 03-up Accord as well as the 02-03 Element. Because of it's tall deck height (9.114"), the trend will be to take these blocks and use the K20A/K20Z head found in the 06-up Civic, 01-06 RSX-S for more rpm potential and added tuning ability. However there will be plenty of tuners wanting to stay true and run the original K20A3 head.
Stage Description Part# Adv. Dur. Dur @ .050 Lift (in) Lift (mm) Kit# Cam Card Dyno Shop Status
Forced Induction/NA Street Specification
Short duration profile builds cylinder pressure by reducing overlap, high lift for more air intake. Requires kit BC0050.
BC0051 284°/284° 193°/193° .410"/.410" 10.41/10.41 BC0050
N/A In-Stock
USDM K20A3 (Base RSX/Civic) Stock 270°/276° 181°/173° .372"/.383" 9.45/9.73
USDM K24A (Accord/CR-V) Stock 270°/276° 181°/173° .372"/.383" 9.45/9.73
Rocker Ratio: 1.75:1 mid, 1.7:1 sec, 1.7:1 pri
No valve timing events due to variable intake cam. WARNING: If running a late model cylinder head (after 2004), you may need to purchase BC2940 keepers to accommodate the BC2010 or BC2011 retainers. Honda changed the keeper groove angles, therefore your stock keepers/locks may not fit the BC retainers properly causing potential damage.
619.749.9018 ph
619.749.9128 fx
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