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The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Trimetal engine bearings. Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions, ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are available for many of the popular 4, 6 & 8 cylinder applications.
Part # Description # Sizes Buy Now Status
BC4020 BEARINGS - ACL Race Series HX - Rods, Mains, Thrust (Honda B18A/B18B, K20/K24 Custom Stroker) Standard In-Stock
BC4025 BEARINGS - ACL Race Series HX - Rods, Mains, Thrust (Honda K20/K24) Standard In-Stock
The Darton MID™ Sleeve Kit is available for many series of 4, 6, and 8 cylinder import and domestic engines and provides for maximum bore sizes and boost potential. The benefits of our MIDseries kits are:
  • Cast iron performance in an aluminum block
  • Improved block integral strength
  • Improved cooling
  • Kits can be installed by your local machine shop
  • "Wet sleeve" replace-ability
  • Full installation manual available on website
  • Increased horsepower output potential
  • High boost and horsepower potential
  • Superior oil and compression control
  • Superior cylinder sealing and ring wear
  • Street or strip application
  • Bulletproof Darton ductile iron,
  • 130,000-psi tensile strength
  • Part # Description # Darton P/N Bore Size Semi Bore O.D. Wall Thk Length Flange Thk Flange Dia Buy Now Status
    BC8005 BLOCK SLEEVES - Darton M.I.D. (Honda/Acura K20) 400-190 86-90 3.375" 3.800" 0.213" 5.200" 0.500" 4.826" In-Stock
    BC8006 BLOCK SLEEVES - Darton M.I.D. (Honda/Acura K24) 400-200 87mm-90mm 3.415" 3.850" 0.217" 5.800" 0.500" 4.826" In-Stock
    K20A3 / K24 BC GASKETS
    BC gaskets are made in Japan and deliver the ultimate sealing capability even at extreme boost pressures. Individual die cut layers of stainless steel with superior consistency compared to other leading gaskets. These inferior brands are constructed with too high profile of beads which is prone to fatigue, losing the spring effect in a relatively short period of time and consistency of sealing pressure, resulting in leakage. BC gaskets are pre-coated stainless steel with a 0.2 micron consistent layer of Nitrile rubber that completely fills the cylinder head surface. Even a newly resurfaced cylinder head and/or block has a surface finish or roughness between 10 to15 microns and this Nitrile rubber completely seals the surfaces at operating engine temperatures, unlike the FKM type which is not suitable for filling the surface roughness because the material has too high of heat resistance. Basically the FKM does not melt to fill into the surface roughness providing the proper seal.

    Part # Description # Bore Thickness Buy Now Status
    BC8206 GASKETS - BC Made In Japan (Honda/Acura K24A) 87mm 0.8mm In-Stock
    BC8207 GASKETS - BC Made In Japan (Honda/Acura K24A) 89mm 0.8mm In-Stock