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4AGE JE Pistons
JE Pistons are designed specifically for high horsepower racing engines and are the piston of choice for top BC sponsored racers such as Rhys Millen, Andrew Comrie-Picard, Chris Rado, Robbie Nishida and Norris Prayoonto. All JE Pistons include high strength 2618-T6 alloy forgings, JE Pro Seal Rings, premium wrist pins and locks. JE Piston Kits are engineered to handle the stresses associated with all BC stroker kits and arrive ready to install.
  • Specifically designed for high horsepower engines
  • Arrive ready to install
  • 2618 T6 forged aluminum
  • Proprietary skirt designs are compatible with increased side loading associated with high RPM and increased stroke
  • Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel
  • Valve reliefs designed to clear BC camshafts
  • Premium pins and locks included
  • JE Pro Seal Rings included
Part # Description # Bore Compression Buy Now Status
JE7369 PISTONS - Custom pistons made to any desired bore and compression ratio. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. 50% Deposit required. Specify Specify Contact Us N/A
4AGE CP Pistons
CP pistons are designed for oversized valves, high lift camshafts and available in a variety of compression ratios and bore sizes. All of our products represent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power. Pistons come with wrist pins, pin fitted, and locks (except for Subaru).
  • Dedicated forgings
  • Balanced to + or - 1 gram
  • Wrist pins provided at no cost
  • Pin fitting provided at no cost
  • Accumulator Grooves
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Pick lock grooves
  • Fully CNC machined
  • USA Made
Part # Bore Oversize Stroke
C/R With
Dome / Vol
Gram Footnote Ring Set Shop Status
CP7650 3.209 (81.5mm) +0.5mm 77 122 1.208 9.0 In-Stock
CP7651 3.228 (82.0mm) +1.0mm 77 122 1.208 9.0 In-Stock
CP7653 3.209 (81.5mm) +0.5mm 77 122 1.208 12.0 In-Stock
CP7654 3.228 (82.0mm) +1.0mm 77 122 1.208 12.0 In-Stock
CP7656 3.209 (81.5mm) +0.5mm 77 122 1.208 9.0 In-Stock
CP7657 3.228 (82.0mm) +1.0mm 77 122 1.208 9.0 In-Stock
CP7659 3.209 (81.5mm) +0.5mm 77 122 1.208 12.0 In-Stock
CP7660 3.228 (82.0mm) +1.0mm 77 122 1.208 12.0 In-Stock
619.749.9018 ph
619.749.9128 fx
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