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BC offers an I-Beam style connecting rod for those who prefer that traditional design over the H Beam style. The I-Beam is a proven configuration that is very popular among the forced induction crowd. Features 7/16" ARP2000 bolts standard, This is the ultimate connecting rod for boost and/or nitrous, rated in excess of 225HP per cylinder.
Part # Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt Buy Now Status
BC6357 Toyota 1FZFE w/ARP2000 7/16" Fasteners 6 6.062" 2.383" 1.095" 1.023" 1.095" 780 In-Stock
The BC Brian Crower ProSeries-H connecting rods are made from premium 4340 forgings for improved grain flow and added strength. Feature the BC Heavy-Duty design with added material to the big end housing bore and wrist pin area for added horsepower capability. The BC ProSeries-H Heavy-Duty features ARP 7/16" fasteners for the ultimate clamping ability, while the ProSeries-H LightWeight features ARP2000 3/8" fasteners.
Part # Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt Buy Now Status
BC6359HD Toyota 1FZFE - HEAVY DUTY SERIES w/ARP2000 7/16" Fasteners 6 6.062" 2.383" 1.095" 1.023" 1.095" 750 In-Stock
BC6359LW Toyota 1FZFE - ProSeries-H LightWeight w/ARP2000 3/8" Fasteners 6 6.062" 2.383" 1.095" 1.023" 1.095" 750 In-Stock
BC Pro Series design connecting rods are CNC machined from proprietary aluminum alloy that delivers up to 24% more tensile strength than competing alloys. Incorporates 7/16" ARP fasteners.
Part # Description # Buy Now Status
RR6356 Custom 1FZFE Aluminum Connecting Rods Made To Order. Please email desired specs. In-Stock
BC Brian Crower is proud to feature ARP, the premier manufacturer of high quality fasteners, in every BC connecting rod. ARP rod bolts are superior to those from other manufacturer's, especially in the area of fatigue strength. Testing has shown that ARP rod bolts have ten times the fatigue strength of other fasteners. These fasteners are also available for purchase separately for replacement purposes. ARP2000 - an exclusive, hybrid alloy developed to deliver superior strength and better fatigue properties, capable of achieving a clamp load of 220,000 psi. ARP Custom Age 625+ - Newly formulated super-alloy demonstrates superior fatigue life cycle, tensile strength and toughness, with complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. The Custom Age is ARP's ultimate fastener, capable of achieving a clamp load of 260,000 psi.

Rod bolts are sold separately, please specify total number of bolts required when ordering. Rod bolts not for use as OEM replacement.

Part # Description # Qty # Spec Torque Buy Now Status
AR8900 ARP2000 1 3/8" / 1.600" Under Head Length 45 Ft Lbs In-Stock
AR8910 Custom Age 625+ 1 3/8" / 1.600" Under Head Length 48 Ft Lbs In-Stock
BC Brian Crower connecting rod bushings are available for purchase as replacements to existing bushings that come installed in all new BC connecting rods. Manufactured from Aluminum/Silicone/Bronze material. Bushings are one piece billet and are sold separately as one only units.

Replacement rod bushings are sold as a one only unit, please specify total number of bushings required when ordering.

Part # Description # Qty # Buy Now Status
BC8700 .787"/20mm 1 In-Stock
BC8701 .827"/21mm 1 In-Stock
BC8702 .866"/22mm 1 In-Stock
BC8703 .905"/23mm 1 In-Stock
619.749.9018 ph
619.749.9128 fx
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Chromium (hexavalent compounds), lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www.p65warnings.ca.gov