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Mazda ProH2K Connecting Rods
The ProH2K rod from BC is the premier industry connecting rod. Made from aerospace grade 4340 steel, the ProH2K utilizes every strength and benefit feature ever assembled in a connecting rod design. Incorporating ARP's venerable ARP2000 fastener, rated to 220,000 p.s.i., these rod bolts delivers the ultimate clamping ability at high horsepower and rpm. This rod is intended for the true hardcore enthusiast and racer and is rated in excess of 175+HP per cylinder.
Part # Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt Buy Now Status
BC6406 Mazda 2 - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 5.537" 2.008" .861" .748" .861" 531 In-Stock
BC6407 Mazda BP 1.8L/1.6L Miata - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 5.236" 1.890" .860" .787" .860" 549 In-Stock
BC6408 Mazda Speed MZR 2.3L Turbo - ProH2K w/ARP2000 4 5.931" 2.166" .860" .866" .860" 594 In-Stock
The EcoBoost is the latest and greatest from Ford/Mazda. Features a factory turbo, the 2.0L is derived from the Mazda L engine block used by Ford in the North American Focus MK3, but equipped with unique heads, fuel injection system, and Ford's Ti-VCT. It should not be confused with the 2.3L version of the EcoBoost engine debuted in the 2015 Lincoln MKC crossover. Based upon the 2.0L EcoBoost, the 2.3L engine produces 285 hp @ 5500 rpm, 305 lbft @ 2750 rpm. This engine is also available in the Ford Mustang EcoBoost, with power figures of 310 hp @ 5500 rpm, 320 lbft @ 3000 rpm.
Part # Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt Buy Now Status
BC6410 Ford/Mazda (EcoBoost 2.0L) - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 6.136" 2.167" .860" .886" .860" 564 In-Stock
BC6411 Ford/Mazda (EcoBoost 2.0L) - ProH625+ w/ARP Custom Age 625+ Fasteners 4 6.136" 2.167" .860" .886" .860" 565 In-Stock
BC6415 Ford/Mazda (EcoBoost 2.3L) - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 5.875" 2.167" .860" .886" .860" 604 In-Stock
BC6416 Ford/Mazda (EcoBoost 2.3L) - ProH625+ w/ARP Custom Age 625+ Fasteners 4 5.875" 2.167" .860" .886" .860" 605 In-Stock
Although the name implies that the ProH2K is a 2nd tier part, the ProH2K incorporates every feature of the premier ProH625+ rod, only that the fasteners have been changed to the more economical, yet venerable ARP2000 bolt, rated to 220,000 p.s.i. The ProH2K is rated in excess of 150HP per cylinder and priced for the everyday performance buff.
Part # Description # Qty # C-to-C BE Bore BE Width PE Bore PE Width Gram Wt Buy Now Status
BC6400 Ford/Mazda (Duratec 2.0L) - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 5.758" 1.970" .862" .827" .712" 455 In-Stock
BC6405 Ford/Mazda (Duratec 2.3L) - ProH2K w/ARP2000 Fasteners 4 6.094" 2.088" .862" .827" .862" 565 In-Stock
EcoBoost 2.3L BC GASKETS
BC gaskets are made in Japan and deliver the ultimate sealing capability even at extreme boost pressures. Individual die cut layers of stainless steel with superior consistency compared to other leading gaskets. These inferior brands are constructed with too high profile of beads which is prone to fatigue, losing the spring effect in a relatively short period of time and consistency of sealing pressure, resulting in leakage. BC gaskets are pre-coated stainless steel with a 0.2 micron consistent layer of Nitrile rubber that completely fills the cylinder head surface. Even a newly resurfaced cylinder head and/or block has a surface finish or roughness between 10 to15 microns and this Nitrile rubber completely seals the surfaces at operating engine temperatures, unlike the FKM type which is not suitable for filling the surface roughness because the material has too high of heat resistance. Basically the FKM does not melt to fill into the surface roughness providing the proper seal.

Part # Description # Bore Buy Now Status
BC8245 GASKETS - BC Made In Japan (Ford EcoBoost 2.3L) - 1.2mm thickness 89mm In-Stock
BC Brian Crower is proud to feature ARP, the premier manufacturer of high quality fasteners, in every BC connecting rod. ARP rod bolts are superior to those from other manufacturer's, especially in the area of fatigue strength. Testing has shown that ARP rod bolts have ten times the fatigue strength of other fasteners. These fasteners are also available for purchase separately for replacement purposes. ARP2000 - an exclusive, hybrid alloy developed to deliver superior strength and better fatigue properties, capable of achieving a clamp load of 220,000 psi. ARP Custom Age 625+ - Newly formulated super-alloy demonstrates superior fatigue life cycle, tensile strength and toughness, with complete resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. The Custom Age is ARP's ultimate fastener, capable of achieving a clamp load of 260,000 psi.

Rod bolts are sold separately, please specify total number of bolts required when ordering. Rod bolts not for use as OEM replacement.

Part # Description # Qty # Spec Torque Buy Now Status
AR8900 ARP2000 1 3/8" / 1.600" Under Head Length 45 Ft Lbs In-Stock
AR8910 Custom Age 625+ 1 3/8" / 1.600" Under Head Length 48 Ft Lbs In-Stock
BC Brian Crower connecting rod bushings are available for purchase as replacements to existing bushings that come installed in all new BC connecting rods. Manufactured from Aluminum/Silicone/Bronze material. Bushings are one piece billet and are sold separately as one only units.

Replacement rod bushings are sold as a one only unit, please specify total number of bushings required when ordering.

Part # Description # Qty # Buy Now Status
BC8700 .787"/20mm 1 In-Stock
BC8701 .827"/21mm 1 In-Stock
BC8702 .866"/22mm 1 In-Stock
BC8703 .905"/23mm 1 In-Stock
619.749.9018 ph
619.749.9128 fx
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